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Lowry was involved extensively in Hurricane Andrew related work in 1992 for the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers. Contracts consisted of designing and installing R/V compounds, portable schools, and clearing of hot wires throughout Dade County Schools.

In 1994 Parkway Elementary School - Dade County, FL., Newton Substation - Florida Power and Light, various locations ongoing maintenance.

Dallas, Texas


In 1984 Lowry established a foothold in the Dallas, Texas area. From 1984 to 1987 the W.B. Moore Company of Dallas, contracted all of their non-union work directly to Lowry Inc., as a sub-contractor.

From 1995 - 1997, some of the early contracts in the Dallas area were, Joshua High School - Dallas, TX., and Wills Point High School - Wills Point, TX.  

In 2007 Lowry Construction Co. Inc. was formed to include property development.  It has since merged with Lowry General Contractors LLC, to include residential contracts as part of its business model. Due to the Dallas area being one of the most heavily hit parts in the United States each year for wind and hail damage, commercial and residential roofing have been great additions to our business model.


We are grateful for our many customers in the Dallas Metroplex area, both past and present.


Since 1923

I am Jon Lowry.  As a fourth generation contractor, I've always been proud of the Lowry family business and the 94 year legacy it has left. For the past four generations, the Lowry name has stood for excellence and the highest level of quality in the contracting industry. 


Lowry was founded by my great grandfather, Robert Edward Lowry in 1923. Lowry was taken over by his son, my grandfather, in the early 40's.  My father became President of Lowry in 1977. I am proud to be carrying on that torch, to present day, with Lowry General Contractors, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 


When I was 14 years old I started working for the family business as a warehouse boy and eventually an apprentice electrician during high school. Then in college, I worked as an electrician for Lowry Inc. At this time I got my taste for residential and commercial work. I wore several hats while moving my way up from, foundation work, finish carpentry, drywall, and electrical all the way to roofing. Today, I am proud to still be in the construction industry.


Lowry Legacy

Our family name and business has stood for excellence for almost 100 years. This tradition began in 1923 in Dade County, Florida when Lowry was founded by my great grandfather, Robert E. Lowry, in 1923. The Lowry business originally started out as, an appliance, sales, service, residential, and commercial contractor, until 1941.


In 1941, my grandfather, James Robert Lowry Sr., took over the business where he further built "Lowry."  He was fortunate at that time to obtain, among other work in the South Florida area, a lump sum contract at The Key West Naval Air Station. Change orders continued on that project until the end of World War II.

My grandfather established an excellent reputation in Florida for heavy commercial contracting. The business continued to grow through the 1950's and 60's with contracts in Puerto Rico, Haiti, Louisiana and throughout the state of Florida.

In 1967 my father, James R. Lowry Jr., became Vice President. Then in January of 1977 he became President of Lowry Inc. 

Notable Contracts 1943 - 1992

Disney World

Complex 39 Moon Launch,
Cape Kennedy, FL


Mobile Chemical Plant

Jackie Gleason Theater of Performing Arts

Mercy and Saint Francis Hospitals

Saks Fifth & Neiman Marcus,
Bal Harbour


Hampton Inn - Key West

Dade County Waste TreatmentPlant at Virginia Key, Miami, FL

Surgical Wing for Baptist Hospital

Florida Turnpike toll plaza

Bank of North America

Everglades National Park HQ

Miami Orange Bowl

World Trade Center Building,

Miami, FL

Victoria Hospital

Eastern Airlines Terminal,

Tampa, FL

Dr. Martin Luther King Overpass, Liberty City

Miami Headquarters Cerebral Palsy

University of Miami Law Library

North District office Building for Florida Power and Light

Dade Country Metro Police Station, Kendall, FL

Westinghouse Nuclear

Brinks Security HQ

Omni Mall, Miami, FL

Robert Edward Lowry
James Robert Lowry
James Robert Lowry Jr.
Jon Lowry